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On Monday, July 11, 2016, the City will continue the project to improve the portion of Broad Street between Remington Avenue and Smith Avenue. Phase 1 of the project involved uncovering the historic brick pavers on this section of Broad Street. The next phase of the project will involve improving the curb and gutter in this area. In order to match the recently exposed brick grade, the existing curb and gutter will be removed and new curb and gutter will be installed. Work will begin on the east side of the street first.

“During the period of time these construction activities are occurring, the outside (easternmost) lane in this block of Broad Street and the associated angled parking will be blocked off and unavailable for use,” said Wayne Newsome, Assistant City Engineer.

Newsome noted that the west side of Broad Street would remain open and should result in minimal disruption to vehicular traffic.

Newsome added, “Pedestrian traffic on the east side of Broad Street will be accommodated, but we do encourage pedestrians to exercise caution through the active work zone.”

The work on the east side of the block between Remington and Smith Avenues is expected to be completed in one to two weeks. Following completion of the new curb and gutter on the east side, the same activities will be repeated on the west side of Broad Street between Remington and Smith Avenues.

When completed, the project will bring both functional and aesthetic improvements to the downtown area. In addition to exposing the brick pavers and installing new curbs and gutter, sidewalk access will be improved, parking spaces will be restriped, and spot repairs to existing brick roadway will be performed. The project is funded by 2012 SPLOST dollars and is supplemented by funds from a Local Maintenance Improvement Grant from the Georgia Department of Transportation.