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Thomasville city parks are enjoying a revitalization, thanks to the City of Thomasville’s focus on a strategic initiative to improve its community’s greenspaces. The process, which will be completed over several years, kicked off last month with a citywide planning effort for MacIntyre Park. Now, the focus turns to Remington Park, Francis Weston Park and Paradise Park.

Remington Park, located at Remington Avenue near Pinetree Boulevard, will soon receive new playground equipment. The purchase comes after a safety assessment of existing equipment revealed that some pieces at the popular park do not meet current safety standards.

“While we want our public parks to be used and enjoyed, we have to make sure that the equipment – especially play equipment – is safe for our youngest citizens,” said Public Works Director Mike Atkinson.

The City Council took action at the September 12, 2016 regular meeting to award a contract of $58,450 for the purchase and installation of new playground equipment for Remington Park. The new equipment, funded through the 2012 SPLOST, will contain an elevated play structure and other popular items. It will also include mulch, borders and an ADA accessible ramp.

The new equipment is scheduled for installation beginning December 5, 2016.

“To prepare for its arrival, the park will be closed to the public beginning Monday, November 28th so that existing equipment can be removed,” said Atkinson. “The project is expected to be complete by December 16, 2016.”

Playground equipment is also scheduled to be upgraded in two additional city parks during 2017. Currently, MacIntyre Park is earmarked for $45,000 and Weston Park for $80,000 in equipment upgrades. However, the City is hoping that additional grant funding can be obtained to make more of an impact in the New Year.

“These parks are important to our neighborhoods,” said City Planner Brian Herrmann. “While the upgraded playground equipment is certainly needed in these two parks, we are hoping to make additional improvements as well. To help with this, we are applying for additional grant funding for these areas.”

Paradise Park and Francis Weston Park will also be the focus of upcoming citywide planning efforts, with Weston tentatively scheduled for spring 2017 and Paradise Park for fall 2017. Through a process similar to that of the recent MacIntyre Park sessions, the City hopes to gain insight into what the community wants from these popular greenspaces.

“We hope to spark just as much public interest in Paradise Park and Weston Park as we found for MacIntyre Park through last month’s planning sessions,” said Herrmann. “We are fortunate to have wonderful greenspaces in Thomasville and an engaged community that is interested in the future of our parks.”

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