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After months of engaging with community members and actively listening to their ideas and concerns, a concept for the West Jackson Streetscape project was presented to the community at a meeting held on Monday, November 20, 2017. The proposed plan to enhance this vibrant area of downtown Thomasville was unveiled to a crowd of over sixty community members at an open meeting Monday evening at Trinity Anglican Church.

“We have been so encouraged to see the level of interest and enthusiasm our citizens have for this important corridor,” said April Norton, Main Street Director. “We are excited to see such positive support for this plan which was built on the input of the many individuals who have participated with us in the process.”

The West Jackson improvement project is focused on the area of West Jackson Street from Madison Street to Remington Avenue at the railroad crossing. Over the last few months, the City of Thomasville worked with merchants, property owners and interested citizens to identify major areas of concern in this two-block stretch of downtown Thomasville. There are currently no plans to extend the streetscape project to other areas of East or West Jackson Street.

“Taking into consideration the five major themes that came from multiple input opportunities, we have created a plan that we believe will make the entire community proud.” said Kenneth Thompson, Urban Designer with the City’s Planning Department. “Those themes included improving parking, improving safety for pedestrians and shoppers, improving sidewalks, and preserving the important character and history of this section of downtown. We feel that once public investment is made, private investment to downtown will follow addressing the final area of concern: filling the empty storefronts.”

Thomasville residents will have an additional chance to offer feedback on the proposed plan during an upcoming Planning & Zoning Commission meeting where the concept design will be reviewed by the Commission and a recommendation to City Council considered. The Planning & Zoning Meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 4th at 5:30 pm in the Council Chambers at 144 E. Jackson Street. The public is invited and encouraged to attend.

For more information on this and other opportunities for public input, please contact Lauren Radford, Director of Public Engagement and Outreach, at 227-4015.