Wastewater Treatment Plant History

The Thomasville Wastewater Treatment Plant was first placed into service in 1944 and provided Primary Treatment. In 1968, Secondary Treatment was achieved with the addition of Trickling Filters and Anaerobic Digestion. The plant was expanded again in 1984 with the addition of a new maintenance shop and laboratory. In 1987, Tertiary Treatment was installed with the addition of an activated sludge system for nutrient removal.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant had traditionally employed shift work to provide 24 hour, 365 day year coverage. In 1995, a SCADA system was employed which allowed the plant to eliminate shift work and reduce operation costs significantly. A Belt Press was added in 2002 and replaced the “Old Drying Beds” and the means for solids dewatering. Cascade Aeration was added in 2007 to provide additional oxygen without any use of chemicals. Major upgrades were completed in 2016 that included a new Trickling Filter Rotary Distributor, New Anaerobic Digester Covers and Deep Bed Sand Filtration.