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A scheduled CNS outage effecting all services will occur on January 15th from 11:59 p.m. until work is completed at approximately 7:00 a.m. on January 16th. This scheduled outage will affect all services in the outage area, including telephone, internet, and cable services.

The following areas will be affected:

  • HWY 122 at Magnolia Street (Metcalfe)
  • Areas of Shallow Brook
  • Areas of Metcalf Rd.
  • West Jackson Street at South Pinetree Blvd. (at Petro)
  • Metcalf Rd. at Habersham Dr.
  • South MLK at Broadnax St.
  • West Jackson St. at MLK
  • North MLK at Neel St
  • East Pinetree Blvd. at Wimbledon Dr.
  • South Broad St. at Nottingham Dr.
  • South Pinetree Blvd. at Old Monticello Rd.
  • Areas of Crestwood Dr.
  • Magnolia St. at Persimmon St.
  • Areas of South Pinetree Blvd.
  • Magnolia St. at Balcom Ave.
  • Magnolia St. at Junius St.
  • Wright St. at College St.
  • Areas of Archbold Ave.
  • HWY 84 East at Russell Rd.
  • Areas of Summerhill Road
  • Areas of Powell Drive
  • Areas of Colton Ave.
  • Metcalf Ave. at Davco
  • Remington Ave. at Kern St.
  • Ashley Park Apartments - Phase 1

“Fiber lines and other utilities are being buried underground as a part of the City of Thomasville’s West Jackson Street streetscape plan,” says Sarah Baggett, CNS marketing director. The work is expected to take approximately six hours in the early morning. “We understand how inconvenient and disruptive service outages can be to our customers and will work diligently to restore all services as quickly as possible,” says Baggett. “We thank the community for their patience and support of this ongoing beautification project.”

CNS and the City of Thomasville will continue to post updates about the status of service restoration throughout the process. Customers can visit the City’s website at, the CNS website at, or either organization’s Facebook pages for up-to-date information.


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