What is Thomasville: Blueprint 2028?

Thomasville: Blueprint 2028 is a comprehensive plan for the city. A comprehensive plan sets the tone of a city’s growth and development for the next twenty to thirty years. Your input and feedback are instrumental as the future of Thomasville is envisioned.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The City of Thomasville has begun an initiative to craft a comprehensive plan that will build upon several visioning and strategic planning sessions throughout the community. Known as Thomasville: Blueprint 2028, the City’s comprehensive plan will provide the basis for regulations and policies that guide our community’s physical and economic development. Thomasville: Blueprint 2028 will establish priorities for public action and direction for complementary private decisions concerning land use and development, historic and cultural resources, environmental and natural resources, economic development, municipal services, transportation, recreation, housing and priority investments.

How can I be a part of the process?

As part of the planning process for Thomasville: Blueprint 2028, the City of Thomasville will conduct stakeholder Open House sessions to receive guidance and feedback on various topics covered by the plan. All input will be used to create a final plan that will establish meaningful and achievable goals, as well as strategies and policies for the implementation of the plan. A list of Open House sessions is below. Attend any or all sessions!

For more information: contact Brian Herrmann, (229) 227-7009.