Thomasville Comprehensive Plan

5-Year Update for Thomasville Blueprint 2028

Thomasville Blueprint 2028 was adopted in 2018 as the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The plan provides a long-range vision for our community and requires a major update every ten years. However, jurisdictions in the state of Georgia must also provide a minor update every five years in accordance with statutory requirements (see overview below). In 2023, Thomasville Blueprint 2028 was due for its five-year update. The five-year update looked at our progress and accomplishments to date and encouraged a community conversation about the next five years of plan implementation.

You can read the 2023 comprehensive plan updates here:

Community Involvement During the 5-Year Update

Introduction to the Comp Plan Update | Thursday, February 16th

The community was invited to a public hearing to learn about the Comprehensive Plan 5-Year Update process, what to expect, and how to get involved. This public hearing was the first public engagement opportunity planned in 2023 as part of the Comprehensive Plan 5-Year Update process for Thomasville Blueprint 2028.

Online Community Survey | February 16th – March 10th

An online community survey was conducted to confirm the community’s needs and help prioritize activities during the next five years of plan implementation.

Stakeholder Focus Group Sessions + Open House | Thursday, March 2nd

Staff hosted stakeholder feedback sessions that focused on economic development, housing & neighborhoods, and local culture & character. The Open House provided an opportunity for all citizens to learn about the status of the 2018 Comprehensive Plan accomplishments and provide valuable community feedback.

Final Presentation | Tuesday, May 16th

The community was invited to a second public hearing to present the final draft of the Comprehensive Plan 5-Year Update before submitting it to the regional commission and state for review.

State Requirements for the 5-Year Update

The Georgia Planning Act [O.C.G.A. §50-8-1, et seq.] authorizes the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) to set the guidelines for local comprehensive planning. Pursuant to Chapter 110-12 of the Rules and Regulations of the State of Georgia, the minimum requirements set by DCA for a five-year update include a Report of Accomplishments (ROA) documenting progress since the adoption of the comprehensive plan in 2018 and a new Community Work Program (CWP) to guide the next five years. The comprehensive plan five-year update must also confirm the community’s needs and opportunities and revisit the following plan elements specifically: land use, economic development, and broadband. Updates to other elements, like housing, transportation, and general community goals are optional but encouraged. The Thomasville Blueprint 2028 update must be completed, reviewed by the Southwest Georgia Regional Commission (SWGRC) with DCA, and adopted by the Thomasville City Council by June 30, 2023.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan sets the tone of a city’s growth and development. The City’s comprehensive plan provides the basis for regulations and policies that guide our community’s physical and economic development. Known as “Thomasville: Blueprint 2028,” the comprehensive plan establishes priorities for public action and direction for complementary private decisions concerning land use and development, historic and cultural resources, environmental and natural resources, economic development, municipal services, transportation, recreation, housing, and priority investments.

What is “Thomasville: Blueprint 2028”?

Thomasville: Blueprint 2028 is the city’s comprehensive plan guiding future development, which is updated once every 10 years. When envisioning the future of Thomasville, the community’s input and feedback were instrumental. Through an 18-month community engagement process involving more than 1,000 citizens, the goals and trajectory of the comprehensive plan were developed during several visioning and strategic planning sessions throughout the community.

Thomasville: Blueprint 2028 was formally adopted by the Thomasville City Council on July 23, 2018. You can read the final plan here:

Book 1 – Building Place

Book 2 – Building Community

Book 3 – Making It Happen