Budget Billing Plan

Utility bills normally vary from month to month, depending on the amount of usage. Bills are usually highest in winter and summer during peak seasons or extreme temperatures. These fluctuations are difficult for customers to predict. Thomasville Utilities has developed an optional payment plan whereby utility bills will be nearly the same each month.

The Budget Billing Plan (BBP) utility bill will be based on the average of the actual bills. Depending on your situation, these bills may include charges for water, gas, electricity, security lights, sewer, and refuse collection. These bills include taxes where appropriate. As the account is billed each month, the BBP will be either lower or higher than the actual bill. Therefore, this method of billing will result in an accumulated debit or credit amount on your bill.

The BBP does not change utility rates but does allow you to pay approximately the same amount each month, rather than much more in high usage months and much less in low usage months. Thomasville Utilities will continue to read meters each month and will provide full information on the bill.

Who is eligible?

  1. The BBP will be available to residential customers only.
  2. You will be eligible if you have a minimum of 12 months of continuous service at the same location.
  3. You will be eligible if your account is current and has not had two or more checks returned during the past 12 months.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse participation in this plan based on previous credit history.

When may I apply?

We have two enrollment periods. You must sign-up prior to May 1 or November 1.

May I continue this program if I move?

Yes. Customers moving from one address to another within our service area may continue participation in the BBP regardless of the time of year. Any monies accrued under the BBP (credit monies owed to you or debit monies owed to this department) will be settled in the anniversary month. If you have a credit balance, it will be deducted from your bill produced in the anniversary month. If you have a debit balance, it will be added to the bill in the anniversary month.

Voluntary Discontinuance

You may discontinue participation in the BBP and revert to regular billing at any time. This must be done in writing by the person financially responsible for the bill.

Involuntary Discontinuance

If payment is not made by the next billing date or if you fail to pay the BBP amount, you will be notified and your account will be taken off the program.

Terms of Agreement


That the BBP was designed to make monthly bill amounts more uniform throughout the year by utilizing an averaging process based on my 12 most recent bills. The plan will neither increase nor decrease my actual bill.

That the BBP is available to me if I have had 12 continuous months of service prior to the sign-up date of May 1 or November 1.

That Thomasville Utilities will not charge or pay any interest on an accumulated debit or credit under the BBP.

That Thomasville Utilities will not make any settlements to me for any monies accrued under the BBP, except during the anniversary month (May or November) unless I discontinue service.

That I may continue my participation in the BBP if I move from one address to another, as long as the move is within the Thomasville Utilities service area.

That my account will be terminated from BBP if a disconnect work order for non-payment has been produced. Amounts due to Thomasville Utilities will be subject to immediate collection.

That the budget billing amount shown on the bill must be paid no later than the due date stated on the bill.

That a Final Notice reminder will not be sent for BBP accounts.