Customer Service Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a new customer. Will I have to pay a deposit?

City of Thomasville Utilities deposits vary based on the results of a soft credit check. Some residential customers may not have a deposit at all, while some may pay $150.00, $300.00, or the maximum $400.00. If you have perfect payment history for two or more years with another utility provider, we will also accept a letter of credit from them in order to waive your security deposit.

I do not have electric service with the City of Thomasville. Will I still be subject to the same deposit structure?

No. The deposits for water service only is $50. CNSNext deposits vary based on equipment and services. There are no deposits for garbage only accounts.

Can my utility deposit be refunded?

In most cases, your deposit will be applied to your final bill when closing out your account with us, with any funds remaining returned back to you.You may also request your deposit to be refunded to you if you have two yearsof perfect payment history.

When is my utility bill due?

Your bill is due 18 days after your bill is generated. You can see the billing date and current bill due date in the ‘Account Summary’ section of your utility bill.

How are my delinquent fees calculated?

  • A bill that is 22 days past the billing date will be charged a late fee of 7% of the past due balance for utility services; as well as $5 per delinquent CNSNext service.
  • This charge will be capped at $500 with a minimum of $10.00.
  • During normal business hours, a $50.00 delinquent reconnect fee will be assessed.
  • After-hours and weekend delinquent reconnect fees will be $75.00

Can I pay my utility bill over the phone?

Yes, please call 229-227-7001, and then dial 2 and then 1.

Will I have to pay a fee to make a payment over the phone?

No, all methods of payment offered by the City of Thomasville are provided with no additional fees to you.

Do you accept check payments by phone?

No, but we do accept checks via mail or at our offices located at 111 Victoria Place.

What types of credit/debit cards do you accept?

The City of Thomasville accepts Discover, MasterCard, and Visa payments.

When will my utility bill be deducted from my account?

For auto draft customers, the payment will be drafted on the due date. For one time payments, payment will be deducted immediately.

I just established services. Will my utilities be turned on the same day?

Typically yes. If you set up your services with us by 5:00 pm, we are usually able to get them turned on for you on the same day.

How can I lower my utility bill?

The City of Thomasville offers several energy efficiency tips that are of low or no cost to you. These tips are available at under the Utilities tab. We are also proud to offer FREE home energy audits to our customers. For more information or to schedule yours, call us at 229-227-7001.

Can my CNSNext charges be separated from my utilities?

Yes! While many customers like the convenience of having all services on one bill, some may find it more economical to split their bill. Our Customer Care department is happy to help you personalize your bill to what works for you. Call us at 229-227-7001 for assistance.

When are yard trimmings collected?

Typically, yard trimmings are collected every 14 business days.

How do I report a power outage?

You may report your outage by utilizing our free Tville TextAlert system. To sign up for TVille TextAlert, text ‘tville’ to 85700 or call our Customer Care staff at 229-227-7001 for assistance. You may also report an outage by callingl our 24-hour Utilities Response Center at 229-227-5499.

I am having issues with my CNSNext services. Who can I call to help resolve these issues?

Our technical support specialists are available at 229-227-7086. If it’s after hours or on a weekend/holiday, please leave a message and a member of our team will give you a call back as soon as they’re able.