Backflow Prevention

Backflow is the reversal of water's normal direction of flow. When water passes through a water meter into a customer's home or business it should not flow back into the City's water main. When this does occur, that is considered backflow.

Backflow prevention is keeping the unintentional reversal of water flow from occurring. Our water is a precious resource and continual efforts are made to conserve it and ensure its safety. One way to save our water supply is by not allowing it to become contaminated.

Thomasville Utilities strive to protect our customers, our water resources, and the environment. Our objective is to monitor and implement devices which will prevent our water supply from becoming contaminated, even unintentionally. To combat the dangers of cross connections and backflow connections, education in their recognition and prevention is needed. Working with the public as a team, Thomasville Utilities will provide direction to the medium and high risk businesses within the City of Thomasville on the installation of appropriate backflow prevention devices.