Thomasville Natural Gas Customer Assistance Program

Natural Gas rebates

The Natural Gas Rebate Program is only for City of Thomasville Utilities Natural Gas customers. Eligible customers are: Single family residential construction or residential customers converting from alternative fuels. To qualify for rebates, the customer must install at least one (1) year-round natural gas appliance. Maximum possible rebate per individual address is $700.

Heat only customers will be charged $600 for the gas tap, up to 125 feet, and a 4 oz. system

All residential natural gas taps will be installed at no cost, up to 125 feet, and a 4 oz. system with the connection of one year-round natural gas appliance, such as the following:

  • Single water heater - $200 rebate (Minimum: 40 gallon water heater to qualify for rebate)
  • Two water heaters - $350 rebate (minimum: 40 gallons each)
  • Tankless Water Heater (foreverhotwater or Noritz) - $350 Rebate only applicable for newly installed tankless water heaters.
  • Range/stove top - $100 rebate
  • Dryers - $75 rebate

Other appliances, not considered year-round, are eligible for a rebate with the installation of at least one year-round appliance listed above:

  • Natural gas grills - $75 rebate
  • Natural gas central heating systems - $250 rebate
  • Two natural gas central heating systems - $350 rebate
  • Natural gas logs, space heaters, spa heater, natural gas generator and natural gas lights - $50 rebate

All rebates are given after the appliances have been installed and verified by a Natural Gas Department employee. This rebate program is only for areas where natural gas mains exist. Gas extension may apply, pending evaluation.

The City of Thomasville reserves the right to cancel, change or otherwise modify this program at any time. Please call (229) 227-7001 to verify program participation, rules and requirements.