Code Audit

An ordinance or code is a primary means of interface between the City and the public regarding development. In many ways it is no different than a website, as the community judges the City by how easily they are able to utilize the document. Currently, each of the City of Thomasville’s development related ordinances is a stand-alone document, addressing zoning, subdivision, landscaping, stormwater, streets and sidewalks, signage, and historic preservation.

In an effort to consolidate and simplify the development process, it is not uncommon to locate all ordinances related to development into one well-designed, simple to read, illustrative document known as a Unified Development Ordinance. Several of the City’s adopted plans call for the establishment of such an ordinance, including the current Comprehensive Plan (2005), the Report of Accomplishments (2003-2007), Short Term Work Program (2008-2009), and Creative District Vision Plan (2014).

In January 2017 the City of Thomasville contracted with Town Planning & Design LLC, to perform an audit of each of the above development ordinances in preparation for a unified development code. The audit included an in-depth analysis and review of each section, interviews with stakeholders, and recommendations on how to proceed. You can view the audit here.

On October 22, 2018, the Thomasville City Council accepted the unanimous recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission to award a contract for the Unified Development Code project to Dover Kohl and Partners. Dover Kohl will be responsible for developing a new UDO for the City of Thomasville.