Parks Master Plan

The 2023 Thomasville Parks and Recreation Master Plan linked below is the culmination of a year-long master planning process that provides guidance for parks, recreation, events, and trails in Thomasville for the next 10 years. The plan provides an ambitious yet feasible roadmap for a better future based on the needs and desires of the people of Thomasville.

2023 Thomasville Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Executive Summary


In order to build on the success of previous park design charrettes and vision plans, we wanted to better understand the current usage of our existing parks, the needs and desires of our community, and the allocation of funding needed to implement potential park improvements system-wide. In the spring of 2022, the City of Thomasville selected Brandstetter Carroll Inc. (a consulting firm out of Lexington, KY) to lead the master planning process and develop a community-driven plan. The resulting master plan provides guidance for both short and long-range planning related to parks and recreation in the community and establishes a baseline set of standards for park facilities and recreational programming systemwide.

Benefits of the Plan

The City of Thomasville has a large amount of parkland (over 640 acres) with significant potential for strategic and responsible development. This plan is important because it…

  • Defines a path forward for the Parks and Recreation Department
  • Provides a vision for the future of parks and recreation in Thomasville
  • Ensures department offerings are aligned with community needs
  • Fosters civic engagement and creates a sense of community
  • Develops clear priorities based on community needs and desires
  • Identifies gaps & inequities in service delivery
  • Strengthens fiscal responsibility, sustainability, and efficiency
  • Identifies future funding requirements and potential sources
  • Increases user participation, satisfaction, revenue, and capital investment
  • Ensures that the city keeps up with parks and recreation trends
  • Ensures no duplication of service, improves partnerships

Community Input

The goal of the parks and recreation master planning process was to establish a shared, clearly defined vision for the City’s parks and recreation system that is driven by community input. Over 1,200 citizens provided input and participated in a variety of engagement activities, including open house events, focus groups, online and in-person surveys, and public workshops to review recommendations.