Community Trail

Community Trail map

The Community Trail, first envisioned in 2009, is a 15-mile walking and biking trail that will connect 17 of the city’s parks. The trail will meander through many areas of the community, making access to downtown and park areas convenient and accessible for both pedestrians and bicyclists.

Project Highlights

  • 15-mile walking and biking trail, fully landscaped with outdoor lighting that will connect 17 of the city’s parks.
  • Trail will comprise 10-foot-wide walking and biking trails that will meander throughout the community.
  • To date, over 12,246 linear feet of trail have been constructed in various trail phases.
  • Trailhead will be located in Creative District and will include an outdoor amphitheater that will serve as a fully-functioning park, anchoring the trail to downtown Thomasville.

Project Facts

  • The Community Trail was envisioned in 2009, with the first trail sections completed in 2013.
  • The trail is expected to cost about $8 million. $5 million was allocated in 2012 SPLOST for trail construction.